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Dr. Shin, a fellowship-trained physician focused on minimally invasive procedures, is dedicated to providing each patient, irrespective of age or mobility, with individualized attention during every visit, employing the most advanced procedures and treatments to facilitate a swift return to activity and play.

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Dr. Shin’s Comprehensive Procedures

personalized treatments for your well-being

Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement

Dr. Shin performs hip replacements for patients who suffer from hip osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, avascular necrosis and other congenital/acquired conditions that lead to pain and dysfunction.

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ACL Reconstruction with QUAD Tendon Autograft

ACL reconstruction with QUAD tendon autograft involves utilizing the patient’s quadriceps tendon to replace the damaged anterior cruciate ligament, enhancing stability and promoting effective rehabilitation.

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Mobile Bearing Unicompartmental Knee Replacement

The Oxford Partial Knee Replacement is a surgical option that selectively replaces the damaged part of the knee, preserving healthy tissue and offering a more targeted solution for specific cases of knee arthritis.

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Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Arthroscopic shoulder surgery is a precise and minimally invasive procedure tailored to diagnose and treat specific shoulder conditions, ensuring targeted intervention and expedited recovery.

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Insurances Accepted

We Accept Most Health Insurance

Dr. Shin accepts most health care insurance plans serving the majority of Americans. Please note that this is not a complete list of all our contracted insurance carriers.

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